#24 – Daisy Barringer’s Rocky Relationship With The 49ers

#24 – Daisy Barringer’s Rocky Relationship With The 49ers

Episode Summary: Daisy Barringer is a freelance writer who loves the 49ers.  Well……most of the time she loves them.  They can also make her quite mad.  You can follow along with @Daisy every Sunday on Twitter as she shares most of her thoughts during the game.  That’s how I found her.  And I’m glad I did.  Reading through Daisy’s Twitter rants became one of my favorite Sunday traditions last season.  On today’s show, she shares how she became such a big 49ers fan and her prediction for the upcoming season.  Aside from the 49ers, Daisy does a lot of great writing about San Francisco on Eater and Thrillist.  We talk about her journey to becoming a writer and what some of her best pieces have been over the years.

Neighborhood & Favorite Spots: Daisy lives in Cole Valley.  She loves the vibe of the neighborhood and thinks it feels like a small town in a city.  Daisy loves having dinner at Zazie where they have a great patio and welcome dogs on Mondays.  Finnegan’s, next door, is a great place for a drink.  InoVino is a great spot for a glass of wine.  She also loves Say Cheese, a cheese shop that has great sandwiches.

If you had to move away, how would you spend your last day in San Francisco? Daisy would ride her bike through Golden Gate Park to Ocean Beach and say goodbye to the buffalo and ocean.  She would have a beer at Park Chalet and then do the Lands End hike.  Daisy would have lunch at Marina Submarine and would end the night with dinner at Zazie.

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