#22 – Marcia Gagliardi is Telling SF Where to Eat

#22 – Marcia Gagliardi is Telling SF Where to Eat

Episode Summary: Marcia Gagliardi is a restaurant columnist who writes the popular newsletter, Tablehopper.  In the weekly newsletter, Marcia gives the scoop on new restaurant and bar openings, chef moves, and various other food and wine events in San Francisco.  On today’s show, Marcia shares her journey to becoming one of SF’s most respected “foodies”.  She also shares some of her favorite restaurant recommendations in SF through a game we play…..I give Marcia a scenario and she gives me the perfect restaurant for it.

Neighborhood & Favorite Spots: Marcia lives in NOPA.  She loves to meet her trainer on Saturday mornings in the Panhandle.  After her workout, Marcia celebrates at The Mill with a cappuccino and toast.  If their Black Pepper Parmesan bread is fresh from the oven, she’ll grab a loaf of that as well.  Marcia also loves the Heartland Taco Salad at Green Chile Kitchen.  She enjoys riding her bike around the city and loves Mojo Bicycle Cafe on Divis, especially on Wednesdays for their Wesburger pop-up.

If you had to move away, how would you spend your last day in San Francisco? Marcia would hop on her bike and pedal through Golden Gate Park.  She would get a coffee at Trouble and then dip her toes in the water at Ocean Beach.  Marcia would go to Swan Oyster Depot for some seafood and an Anchor Steam Beer.  She would spend some time in North Beach walking around, hanging out in Washington Square Park, and picking up a Molinari sandwich or tomato focaccia from Liguria Bakery.  Marcia would stop by Comstock Saloon for her favorite drink, the Cherry Bounce.  She would walk around Chinatown and have a Dan Tat.  While in the area, Marcia would head to Julius’ Castle on Telegraph Hill to get an amazing view of the City.  She would fit in some time at Zuni Cafe for a roast chicken dinner.  Marcia would also get some country bread from Tartine Bakery, stop at Bi-Rite for some great wine and cheeses, pick up a Purgatorio pizza from Delfina, and then gather some friends in Dolores Park for a feast.  She would go to The Stud and dance at her friend’s party, “Go Bang”.  Marcia would also get a Taco Dorado at La Taqueria and pick up lunch for the next day, an Al Pastor burrito from Taqueria Cancún.  Now that is one hell of a day!

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