#21 – Lark Miller on Personal Fitness and Life Coaching

#21 – Lark Miller on Personal Fitness and Life Coaching

Episode Summary: Lark Miller is a personal fitness trainer and founder of Infinite Fitness in downtown SF.  He grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and competed at a high level in cross country skiing, mountain biking, and cycling.  Lark spent some time as a life coach but found his true calling as a personal fitness trainer.  He jump-started his own business by going door-to-door in Noe Valley and inviting his neighbors to work out with him on the street.  Once Lark started building clients, he found a space in the Bently Reserve downtown and opened Infinite Fitness.  On today’s show, Lark gives some tips to healthy San Franciscans on how they can be even healthier.  He also talks about his recent experience being nominated as one of SF’s “Hottest Trainers”.

Neighborhood & Favorite Spots: Lark lives in the Duboce Triangle.  He loves the Bi-Rite Market next to Dolores Park and recommends the Nicoise Tuna sandwich from the deli.  Lark usually adds some fried onions and then enjoys the sandwich in the park.  He loves eating any meal at Zuni Cafe and thinks they have one of the best burgers in the City.  I also share one of my new traditions which is walking through Lark’s ‘hood on Friday mornings to Tartine Bakery for a morning bun followed by a trip to Stanza Coffee.

If you had to move away, how would you spend your last day in San Francisco? Lark would spend some time sitting at Twin Peaks, looking down at the City, and taking in the view.  He would drink a couple of Balsamic Bloody Mary’s at Zuni Cafe.  Lark would also walk around Golden Gate Park, preferably on a Sunday when they don’t let traffic in.  He would end the day with a stroll across the city to Boulevard or Gary Danko for his last meal and a few cocktails.

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  1. sherri at 2:50 pm

    What a lovely, insightful interview that both made me laugh & cry… thank you!