#18 – Sarah Cooper is Helping you Appear Smart in Meetings

#18 – Sarah Cooper is Helping you Appear Smart in Meetings

Episode Summary: Sarah Cooper has some tricks to help you appear smart in meetings.  She posted these tricks on Medium last year and the post went viral with 3 million views.  With the success of the post, Sarah launched her own satirical blog called the Cooper Review.  The Cooper Review features weekly original articles, videos, and cartoons on corporate humor, news, and other stuff.  The blog has been very successful, averaging 10,000+ views per day.  But Sarah’s path to success has not been so straight forward.  Throughout her life, she’s bounced between more typical roles in Corporate America and continuously trying new things to discover her creative passion.  She’s been a graphic designer for Yahoo and Google, an actress, and a stand up comedian.  On today’s show, Sarah shares her journey and some of her favorite highlights along the way.

Neighborhood & Favorite Spots: Sarah lives in the Haight.  She loves walking to Twin Peaks and taking in the tremendous views of the City.  Sarah loves the Haight Street Market where she can get her favorite sandwich, the Gus’s Special.  She also loves Kezar Pub, especially their chicken sandwich.

If you had to move away, how would you spend your last day in San Francisco? Sarah loves the Golden Gate Bridge and would spend some time hanging out there.  She would take walks along the Embarcadero and up to Twin Peaks.  Sarah would visit wine country for one last tasting and then enjoy beautiful views of the coast as she drives down Highway 1 to Big Sur.

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  1. Sarah at 4:11 pm

    It was such a pleasure being on your show, thank you!

    • Frank Garza at 10:16 am

      Thanks Sarah! It was great meeting you and I appreciate you sharing your story!